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A Buyers Guide to Airconditioner Units


Feb 3, 2014
When things are heating up outside, airconditioner units can help you stay cool, but just how do they keep rooms so fresh and comfortable?

At GMC Aircon, we like to ensure our customers have all the information they need to make an informed purchase. With that in mind, here is a guide to help show you what an airconditioner does and what to look for in a system.


Bedroom with Aircon installation

How they work
The best way to describe these units is as a fridge without the insulated box. A fridge is designed to cool the air inside of it to keep your food and beverages cool, and a airconditioner is designed to perform the same function in a room. When an airconditioner is working, it will take in the warm air of the room and move it elsewhere, while pumping cool air back into the room. As it does this, the unit is also able to reduce humidity and take away the feeling of stickiness.


How an aircon works


Efficient performance
Airconditioner units perform best when the cold air is prevented from escaping the room. For this to be achieved it is important that a space is well sealed, with all windows and doors closed. This can be helped greatly by closing blinds and curtains. You will also need to make sure that the hose is set up to send hot air to the outside of the building and not back into the room. To really benefit from the cool air of an airconditioner, you should run the system throughout the day and switch it off just before you go to sleep. This will ensure that the room is cool enough for you to comfortably drift off to sleep.

Efficient cooling


Drying the air
As part of their natural function, our airconditioner units remove moisture from the air as they cool it. Some airconditioners come with a feature that allows them to act purely as a dehumidifier and provide an air filtration system that helps allergy sufferers and people with respiratory conditions.


Dry Air


Our airconditioner units come in numerous shapes and sizes, designed to cool rooms both large and small. The type of unit you need will depend on how large the space is that you need to cool. As is to be expected, the larger the air-conditioning unit, the greater the price. Features will also influence the price of a system, and there are certain inclusions that you may want your airconditioner to have:

•    Adjustable thermostat – this will allow you to control the temperature of a room.

•    Timer – 1-12 and 1-24 hour timers will let you set an operating period, outside of which the airconditioner will switch off automatically.

•    Energy efficiency – it is beneficial to you financially and to the environment to have the most energy efficient system of the market.

•    Modes – modern day units come with different mode settings that will allow you to select a particular operation, for example, cooling, heating, fan or dehumidify.

•    Reusable filters – these can be removed cleaned or washed and refitted. Filters need to be maintained regularly; if they are reusable, you can save yourself some money.


Setting up the air conditioner
Small portable and window-fitted airconditioner units require little or no time or effort to set up and can begin cooling a room simply by placing a hose outside of the room and plugging them in to the power supply. Fitted units and larger systems are more advanced and will require professional help, but worry not; GMC Aircon are always here to provide all the help and advice you need so why not get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.


GMC Aircon was established 20 years ago, in that time we have built a solid reputation based on our reliability, expertise and the highest ethical standards. We are now one of South Africa’s leaders in both business and home airconditioning units as well as heat pumps and thermal solutions.

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