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Uses of Airconditioners

In warm and sunny climates, the use of air conditioning systems (more commonly referred to as airconditioners or AC) has become commonplace. In fact, without them many homeowners, business and schools would struggle to cope with the high temperatures. Aircon is used in rooms, offices, classrooms, cars – everywhere, but just why is it that we all need it? Here are three great reasons that should explain why you should be calling GMC Aircon to install a system for you.

1. Electrical appliances

Just like an airconditioners, electrical appliances play a huge part in our everyday lives. Lights, coffee machines, kettles, and microwave ovens, are all things that most of us take for granted; but, unlike air conditioners, these appliances cannot cool down a room. In fact, they do the opposite. Electrical appliances play an important role in the generation of heat inside a room and raise temperatures to uncomfortable conditions. Appliances such as kettles will also raise the humidity within a room, which is what causes that feeling of ‘stickiness’ that is so often irritating. Airconditioners are the perfect solution for this problem.

An airconditioner unit will help regulate the temperature in a room to achieve the optimum conditions; extensive research has shown these conditions to be 25˚C, with 50% humidity and a steady flow of clean air. Air conditioning units supplied by us, feature controls to ensure the ideal temperature is maintained, as well as the necessary filtration to prevent the formulation of dust particles, mites and pollen that cause allergies and respiratory problems.

2. Human-produced heat

We as human beings also produce a lot of heat. Have you ever been inside a room with a large number of other people? Gets pretty hot pretty quick, right. That’s because of human body heat. Our heat comes from the calories that we consume. While some of these calories are put to good use for work and burned off with manual labour or exercise, the rest are used to generate heat inside the body. People in a room together can generate a lot of heat, which can result in uncomfortable conditions such as those felt when many people are in the same place at the same time. Human heat, combined with external heat is a good reason to invest in one of our advanced  airconditioners. 

3. Heat from the sun

The major cause of heat generation is, of course, the sun. In summer especially, the sun can generate high temperatures that directly raise the temperature within a room with rays pouring in through windows, walls, and roof. If you have energy efficient double-glazing installed in your home, these windows are designed to let in heat and prevent it from escaping; this means that rooms can become particularly uncomfortable.

How hot a room will become from heat provided by the sun will depend on time of day and the alignment of the room. However, you can guarantee that when the sun is shining, a room is going to get pretty hot and sticky, especially between noon and early evening.

As you can see from the reasons given, our daily lives and natural surroundings make airconditioners a must have for anyone living in a warm climate. When things become hot and uncomfortable, a GMC Aircon system will remove the heat from a room and maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

In short, if you want to live and work comfortably, GMC Aircon is your best friend! We offer a wide range of modern systems for every type of space and will provide everything you need stay cool. Why no check out our full range by clicking one of the images below or you can get in touch with one of our friendly team today, alternatively you can view our full brochures range here.


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