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What you need to know; an overview

When considering home cooling solutions, investing in an air-conditioning system is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially during warm summer months. However, several factors should be carefully weighed when selecting the appropriate unit.

Firstly, it’s crucial to assess whether your home infrastructure can accommodate an air conditioning system. Ensuring a robust window frame, sufficient electricity supply, and adequate water access are imperative to support the system’s operation effectively.

Furthermore, pricing and unit suitability should be thoroughly evaluated. With a plethora of sizes and styles available, it’s essential to choose an air conditioner that aligns with your home’s requirements. Researching customer reviews provides valuable insights into various models, aiding in informed decision-making. Notably, GMC Aircon is acclaimed as the top-rated cooling and heating company online, supported by satisfied customer testimonials. It is highly recommended that you read as many customer reviews as possible in order to get a good perspective on your prospective unit

Once a suitable unit is identified within your budget, professional installation becomes paramount. Attempting DIY installation risks accidents, injuries, or electrical system damage. Engaging qualified technicians ensures safe and efficient installation, underpinned by their expertise and positive client feedback.

In summary, when selecting an air-conditioning system for your home, careful consideration of infrastructure compatibility, unit suitability, and professional installation is vital to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The evolution of air-conditioning and types of air-cons


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Air conditioners have undergone several changes over the decades. Even a decade ago, air conditioners were considered a luxury accessible only to the elite. A significant portion of the population refrained from installing an AC unit in their homes due to its high price and inefficient energy consumption. However, in recent years, there has been a substantial shift, and today, numerous models of air conditioning units are available, with almost all households owning a system. Prices have also decreased considerably, making the technology accessible to average citizens. Advanced technological features have been integrated into modern systems, making them increasingly user-friendly and optimizing their performance.

Today’s air conditioners are environmentally friendly and highly efficient compared to their predecessors. The components of air-con units include the compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and metering devices. These components work together to provide cooling solutions in various capacities, capable of cooling anything from a family home to a large commercial office park.

Central air conditioning systems stand out as the most efficient type of air conditioners available. They can maintain a consistently cool temperature in a wide space. They are incredibly effective, operate silently, and offer the best cooling solution. However, not all homes necessitate a complete solution; some may only require cooling in specific rooms, such as the bedroom. In such cases, window-mounted units or portable solutions may be more suitable.

A split AC system basically consists of three major parts. First is the outdoor unit, which is fixed outside the walls. This unit contains a compressor as well as condensing coils that are filled with refrigerants, usually Freon. When the fan blows air over it, thermal energy is released, cooling the Freon gas. The indoor-mounted unit also contains coils and a blower inside the furnace, through which air is circulated. This air is then sent out through the ducts into the room. Check out our post on beating the summer heat.

Another comfortable option for homeowners to consider is portable air-con units. These are highly mobile and can be moved to any room in the home. You can use it in your living room during the mornings and then move it into the bedroom at night. These units are becoming increasingly popular, especially among individuals who live in rented flats and apartments. Portable air-con units are comparatively cheaper and are available in several different designs and brands. They are easy to maintain and come with warranties and service centers in case you experience any operating issues with your portable air-con unit.

Another common air-conditioning system is the ductless air conditioner, also known as the mini split air-con. This air conditioner system works well in small rooms without any attics or overhead space. It is a great option for enclosed spaces, as there is no need for pipes connecting to a box outside the window. The ductless mini split air-cons also have the same components as the split 3 air conditioning systems. The installation of these units is easy, and they operate near-silently with high reliability, requiring less maintenance and component replacement over their operating lifespan.

All air-con systems still need to be properly maintained over their operating lifetimes to ensure efficient operation and reduce the chances of costly breakdowns. A service center will be able to offer you a regular check-up every season to ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Getting started with air-conditioning

Air-conditioning units are sought after for various reasons, and individuals are constantly seeking to upgrade to larger and more efficient units for their homes. However, what people often fail to realize is that bigger is not always better when it comes to different air-conditioning units.

When purchasing an air-con unit, here is some additional information on the sizes of air conditioning units that you need to consider. This ensures that you do not over-purchase capacity that you do not require, or end up with an air conditioner that is unsuitable for the intended environment.

The size of the air conditioning unit that you intend to install in your home is a crucial factor in selecting the right air-con system. The larger the unit, the greater the area it can cool. When an air conditioning unit operates, it extracts moisture from the air inside your home and expels it outside. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure proper exhaust ventilation to the exterior of your home. Your installation technician should be able to identify the optimal location for installing the unit.

If you opt for a central air-con system, remember to purchase a cover for the external unit during the winter season to prevent unnecessary environmental exposure. This precaution is particularly important for outdoor air-conditioning units.

Another determinant of the size of your air-conditioning unit is the size of the area you need to keep cool. Consult with an air-con professional to receive expert advice on the system that best suits the size and layout of your home.

Choosing the right brand


There are many different manufacturer brands of air-cons. Deciding on the right one for your home can be a daunting experience with potential pitfalls. If your budget is tight, finding a reputable brand with a quality product may seem like an impossible task. However, we assure you that there is a solution to meet your cooling needs for your home.

Before committing to any purchase, it’s important to research the brand of the manufacturer you’re considering. Take some time to look online at potential systems and read reviews from people who have purchased and are using the system. A good online retailer should offer a variety of brands with detailed descriptions, specifications, and information on all of their systems. Additionally, they should provide an option for you to call into their offices if you need further advice on your purchase decision.

It’s common to find that leading manufacturers may price their products higher due to their reputation in the market. While their brand presence and market share are prominent, there are often lesser-known manufacturer brands that still provide a quality product, sometimes even surpassing the operating efficiency of more popular units.

Base your decision on facts and testimonials by thoroughly reviewing the product you are interested in. It’s also beneficial to reach out to a few dealers to gather their thoughts on the products and solutions they offer, and then compare their impressions of the products you are interested in.

Another effective strategy for purchasing an air-con system is to opt for technology that has been on the market for a few years already. This allows you to search for more past reviews, and often dealers are willing to lower their prices to clear out older models and make room for new stock. As a result, you can secure a good deal on a trusted system.

How air-cons can improve your health and quality of life


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Air-cons offer a clean air solution for people who suffer from allergies and other breathing disorders such as asthma. Mold, animal dander, and pollen can cause violent allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Air-conditioning reduces the humidity in the air, which is the cause of mold and dampness, as well as an ideal breeding ground for parasites such as dust mites and other viral pathogens that thrive in such environments. These conditions can be a living nightmare for anyone with asthma or allergies.

Asthmatics are highly sensitive to environmental air changes and can instantly feel a drop in air quality. Using an air-con system inside your home can help regulate a cool, even, dry climate as well as filter the air of any debris or pollen that may exacerbate your condition. To ensure years of clean air living, make sure your unit is regularly maintained by professionals so that you never have to worry about an unclean air environment.

Portable aircons


Portable aircons, also known as free-standing units, are an ideal and mobile solution for your cooling needs. They come in a variety of capacities and from various manufacturer brands. Here are some tips for selecting the right unit for your application.

Portable air conditioners excel in versatility; they can be easily moved from room to room in the house, allowing you to control the temperature wherever you are. They offer quiet operation with noise levels comparable to a low drone, typically below 45 decibels, which is about the same volume as a whispered conversation.

Cooling power is a critical specification to consider when purchasing your portable unit. Portable units are measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). This output must match the size of the room that you need to cool; failure to select the right-sized unit may result in ineffective cooling of the room.


Factoring in price

Pricing is crucial for your new air conditioning system. Whether you opt for a central, whole-home system or are considering a portable unit, the price of the unit may ultimately determine the brand and size of the unit you choose. You need to focus on finding the best value-for-money air conditioning solution for your home that strikes a balance between reliability, efficiency, and cost.

Your best option is to contact your local dealer and seek advice on a system for your home. A knowledgeable consultant will be able to understand your situation and offer you the best solution in terms of operation and price.

Armed with all the knowledge about the products, you will be able to make an informed purchase decision on the right air conditioning system for your home that meets your needs and your budget.

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