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Installing an air conditioning system at your home or business can benefit those that use the space in many ways. The most obvious benefit, of course, is the cool air and the ability that an air conditioner has to keep your temperature cool as the heat outside continues to rise. However, with GMC Aircon equipment, plenty of other advantages are not as obvious. Here are eight of them.

1. Comfort at your control

Aircon Remote
While warm weather is much more enjoyable than stormy weather, high temperatures can get pretty uncomfortable at times, especially at night. With today’s air conditioning units, it is possible to control and regulate the temperature so that you can achieve comfortable conditions all year round and the peaceful night’s sleep that comes along with it.

2. Silent operation

No Noise
Traditionally, one of the most common disadvantages of air conditioners has been their noisy operation. With modern advancements, this is no longer the case and you can now enjoy the perfect room temperature in virtual silence.

3. No outside noise

Silent Operation
By installing an air conditioning system, you can keep cool without having to open every window in the property. The great advantage of this is that you can block out all of the external noise from outside and work or rest in peace. Noise from outside, especially if your premises is close to a road or school, can be particularly distracting, with aircon that will no longer be a problem.

4. No more insects

No bugs
As a direct benefit of being able to keep windows closed and still keep cool, irritating insects can be kept outside where they belong. That means no more being bitten!

5. Better air quality

Air Quality
Another problem related to air conditioning in the past was the quality of the air, which would often bring on respiratory conditions and certain allergies. Today’s systems incorporate far more advanced technology and are able to offer air filtration to reduce common bacteria and other allergy inducing irritations such as dust, pollen, pet fur, and mites.

6. A safer environment

Safer Enviroment
Many people that have air conditioners installed comment on how their system has improved security. This has nothing to do with a unit being bundled with an alarm system, but is another direct benefit of being able to keep windows closed. For homeowners and businesses that would generally leave windows and doors open in order to let in air, a property can be enjoyed with greater peace of mind that entry points are not open targets for would-be criminals.

7. Energy efficiency

Energy Saving Air conditioners
While an air conditioner is not going to be as efficient as no heating or cooling system at all, it is much more efficient than other forms of electric heating. This is especially true if you opt for a heat pump operated unit, as these systems use up to 80% less power than common alternatives such as convection heaters and under-floor heating. Moreover, with better efficiency comes great savings on energy bills.

8. Humidity reduction

Less Humidity
The ‘closeness’ or ‘stickiness’ of the heat in a room is caused by humidity; many of today’s air conditioning systems include humidity reduction technology that allows a room to remain ‘dry’ without being over-cool. If you live or work in a damp location, this feature can be particularly beneficial.

Whether you are looking for an air conditioning unit for home or for your business, GMC Aircon has the perfect system for you. To start enjoying a cooler lifestyle, give us a call today on 012 661-1173 or you can get in touch with our HVAC team here. You can also check out our post on the introduction to different types of airconditioners here.

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