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In this post we will briefly explain the different types of air conditioners.

As the name suggests, air conditioners are machines that are designed to condition the air to meet the demands of the user. The types of air conditioners you can use will depend on the environment you are using them in and multiple factors will influence the decision of your new air conditioner. They are perfect for us in home, school, the office, or pretty much any other type of internal space, GMC Aircon’s air conditioning systems will provide and maintain the temperature conditions of a room and keep the people in it comfortable regardless of the external climate.

18000 BTU Midwall Inverter Aircon – GMC18EAVG

How do air conditioners work?

Mid Wall Airconditioner

All air conditioning units at GMC Aircon, regardless of type or cost, function with the same principles – to take heat away. The process is very similar to the way a refrigerator works and the way that it is designed to keep all of your food and beverages cool. Basically, an air conditioner will take the heat that is in a space and move it elsewhere to make the space cooler.

An air conditioner is pretty much a refrigerator without the insulated box, incorporating the same four main components to cool the surrounding area:

  • compressor
  • expansion valve
  • condenser coil
  • evaporator coil.

The whole process of cooling works on evaporation. This all starts when liquid leaves the compressor at low pressure and starts to evaporate into gas as it becomes cool. The gas will then travel through the evaporator coil at a low temperature and take in all of the heat from a room. The flow of liquid to the evaporator coil is regulated by the expansion valve, which is designed to ensure that pressure is kept low and liquid can be expanded back into gas.

Upon leaving the evaporator coil, the vapour travels to the compressor where it is compressed to increase pressure and raise temperature. By the time the fluid reaches the condenser coil, it is a highly pressurized and high temperature gas. This gas will then flow through the condenser coil (generally located outside of a building) and, as the temperature inside the coil is hotter than the outside of it, the gas loses heat and becomes cooler. Put more simply, the coils absorb the heat and cools down the air inside of a building.

Types of air conditioners

So, know that you know how our air conditioners work you will have a better idea of why they are so beneficial, particularly in hot and humid climates and the different types of air conditioners which are available on the market. Before you start you can also check out our post on the introduction of airconditioners . 

There are commonly six types of air conditioner. The type that is best for you will depend on your needs and your space. The six types are:

  • Wall fitted – these are small, compact and easy to install, and are generally suited to small spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Ceiling/floor fitted – this is a very broad type and can be purchased for both small and large spaces, from homes to office spaces and restaurants. The versatility of these systems makes them the most popular.
  • Package – these are typically large, standalone models that are perfect for areas with high footfall, such as shops and restaurants.
  • Built-in – these types of air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes and can be installed discreetly. They are, however, the most difficult type to maintain.
  • Window – Installed in a window or wall, window AC units do not have refrigeration pipes so are easy to fit. They are also great for space saving, though are generally noisy in operation.
  • Portable – these are perfect for small rooms and can be transported easily. No installation is necessary; however, performance is lacking in comparison to the other types.

Now you know the types of air conditioners and how they work, you can consider yourself firmly introduced to the world of air conditioning and the world of GMC Aircon! We live and breathe air conditioning, and will set you up with the perfect system to keep you cool at home and at work!

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