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For unrivaled quality and service GMC Aircon leaves the competition behind. With over 21 years of industry-backed experience and a modern, exclusive line of portable air conditioners, customers keep returning to GMC Aircon for the best in air conditioner services. We hope you enjoy our Guide to portable air-conditioners and find it useful.

Headquartered in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa, GMC was created to provide the highest quality in commercial and residential cooling services. No stranger to a good reputation, it’s no wonder why for the best in the business, companies and homeowners come back again and again. But, there is much more at work behind the scenes and customers of GMC Aircon always find out

You can’t just sell a first-class appliance and wash your hands of the matter. To maintain the level of service your customers need requires a new level of dedication and support… after the sale. If you want the best customer care in the industry, you go to GMC Aircon, if you want the same old run around, any old place will do. If you are tired of second rate service don’t trust anyone but the best.

Continued support and impeccable customer service keep GMC Aircon at the forefront of the portable air conditioning industry. But, it’s not just the great product line that makes a success; we stock and sell a complete range of replacement parts, accessories, and supplies. There is a great convenience in returning to your air conditioning dealer to get supplies and help with your questions and GMC Aircon is here to keep you running cool all season long.

Best of Breed Portable Air Conditioners

Several key design factors play a role in making our line of portable air conditioners the go-to solution for cooling that homes and businesses depend on. Portable air conditioners serve as the main feature of keeping your indoor environment exactly where you need it.

Ventless Design

Portable air conditioners are great for their ventless design which make them more agile and decreases the unit’s overall footprint. When you don’t have to devote space to large components that only direct, not cool the air you can have a much more sleek and modern looking appliance and the folks at GMC know how to do portable air conditioners right.


Portable means movable and free standing units can come with casters or simply sit on the floor. Regardless you are free to move the unit to your heart’s content, take control of your indoor cooling needs. Portable air conditioners are designed to be moved to where cooling power is needed most. But where you place your air conditioner affects how well you cool your space, the pros at GMC Aircon can help you determine the best placement for your portable air conditioner whether you need to cool your home or office. While every situation and setting is different, the pros at GMC Aircon have years of experience teaching consumers on how best to use portable air conditioners.


No stranger to value, GMC Aircon hits the target with units that meet every price point. Whether you need to cool your office or your home, we have a portable air conditioner in stock that meets your requirements and your budget. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that the best in air conditioning technology is unavailable to you. With a full line of quality portable air conditioners, you can rest assured that each customer receives the perfect match for their needs.

Quality Construction

You need the highest quality and most durable products on the market for your air conditioning needs which is why every unit comes with multiple safety features built-in. For your convenience and safety, GMC Aircon delivers value and reliability with every air conditioner sold. Using the most reliable components to keep your unit running through all weather conditions (see your owner’s manual).  You should also check on the Eco friendly benefits of the system such as does it use R410a gas.

Advanced Microcomputer Controller

In addition to great features customers of GMC Aircon benefit from some of the most high-end microcomputer control systems found in air conditioners today. With a thermostat sensor, the GMC Aircon portable air conditioner can detect when the temperature you specify has been reached. Don’t just cool your space, conserve as much as possible with an ultra-efficient air conditioner from GMC Aircon.

Automatic Fault Diagnosis

If you’ve ever stared at a dead air conditioner without a clue as to what is wrong you’ll rejoice over the automatic fault diagnosis indicators on your GMC Aircon air conditioner. Don’t sweat problems when you can determine whether you are having a fault or if something else is amiss. Add on top of that auto defrost features that keep you cool and while preventing the hassle of ice buildup in certain environments.


In today’s connected world, you need more than just the best craftsmanship you also need a solution that is as environmentally friendly as possible. It is not enough to get the best deal for the money you spend but also to create a healthy atmosphere for you and your family. Affordability can still mean quality and safety in a market dominated by the lowest price.

GMC Aircon focuses on providing units that don’t use unsafe or ozone-depleting refrigerants. This feature along with the microcomputer controller standard in most cooling solutions, your eco-friendly portable air conditioner is also efficient saving you money and returning value for your money year after year.

If you want the best portable air conditioner that money can buy, you need a portable air conditioner from GMC Aircon. Choose the professionals with the solid reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, with over 18 years of experience serving South Africa’s cooling needs, GMC Aircon has discovered the secret to success in the air conditioning industry. Impeccable customer service, quality products for all types of cooling needs, and first-class support before and after the sale make this brand one to stick with to cool your space and to create a wholesome environment for you and your family.

Over the years we have received thousands of questions from our clients and we have identified the top 10 queries that are consistently submitted to us and compiled them into this FAQ guide.

If the guide doesn’t answer your question, please email our support team, or call into the office and speak to one of our friendly consultants that will assist you in finding the right solution to your problem.

  1. What is a portable air-con anyway?

A portable air-con is a unit that you are able to take with you anywhere you go. They are small, light and operate of any household power system. They are a complete system, meaning that they differ from the traditional two-piece air-con system and do not require permanent installation.

  1. What happens to the moisture in the air?

Where does the water go? The self-evaporative technology built into the air-con system processes collected moisture and then expels it through the exhaust system. In the case of a humid environment, the unit has a collection tank built internally that collects excess water, this tank is easy to remove and can be emptied manually.

  1. Do portable air-cons need to vent?

Yes, they do. Air-cons work of the simple principle of pulling in air, cooling it and exhausting the warm air through an exit. It is simple to do with a portable air-con by using the window snap-kit supplied with your purchase. Simply attach the exhaust kit to your window and you are ready to go.

  1. Is a portable air-con noisy?

Portable air cons do produce sound, but it is not high-decibel, most portable air cons operate at under 50db, which is much quieter than an average person speaking normally. If you have ever heard a normal air-con operating before, then it is not any louder than that.

  1. What is the exhaust hose?

Exhaust hoses plug into the back of your portable air-con and are attached to your window frame by means of the snap kit provided with your purchase. The hose varies in length depending on the model but is generally 1-1.5 meters in length and manufactured from durable plastic.

  1. Where can I plug in my air-con, will it work in my house plugs?

Yes, our portable air-cons come ready to go, straight out of the box, just plug it into a standard household plug and you are ready to get cooled down.

  1. How energy efficient are portable air cons?

They are low on power consumption and kind on the environment, all of our air-cons meet regulations set by international standards to comply to emissions output

  1. What factors should I consider when looking for a portable air conditioner?

The most critical part about choosing the right air-con for your room is knowing the BTU, or output of the portable aircon in relation to the room size. If you are unsure of how to calculate what size air-con you need, then just send us an email, or call into our offices and we will help you select the right solution, we have put together a guide further on in this article to assist you in understanding BTU better.

  1. Can I cool my garage using a portable air conditioner?

This really depends on the kind of garage, if it has an insulated roof and a sealed environment then it may be possible. If you have no insulation and no seal to make the room contain the cooled air, then it might not work very well.

  1. Can I use a portable air conditioner to cool my server room?

This is a common question that has been brought to our attention more recently. The answer is yes, a portable air-con is perfect for this application and while it is not an industrial machine, it will certainly get the job done. When used in combination with a fixed system, it adds extra efficiency and cooling power to the environment and a great back up in case of failure on the primary unit.

What you should look for when buying an air conditioning system in South Africa

There are numerous options available to today’s consumer purchasing in the portable air conditioner market. The features that make an air conditioner a good buy in one country also translate to other places in the world. No matter where you live, always work with a professional dealer of portable air conditioners to get the best service before and after the sale. We currently have 3 units on offer and they are the GMCP10Y Cooling only unit and the GMCP12RLB Heating and cooling portable aircon unit and the GMCP07Y Cooling only Portable Aircon.


Whatever your situation, there is a portable air conditioner for you and simple units may include limited features for adjusting and controlling temperature. More elaborate systems will offer not only thermostat control, but also timers and auto shutoff features. Some features you may want while others will seem secondary, but all together you will notice the best value for the money.

In addition to the basic job of cooling your space, the portable air conditioner can offer several advancements over prior models. Tired of dealing with drain lines or water capture chambers that always need emptying? Consider a portable air conditioner that disposes of excess water through evaporation and wash your hands of the matter once and for all.

Strong fans will also do much to ensure that you have the most cooling power at your disposal. What good is your spiffy new air conditioner if the cooling graces only reach a few meters away? Ventless designs offer a no-adjustment configuration and the cool air dispenses in a subtle manner throughout the room.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Regardless of your needs or the features you are after there is no replacement for quality craftsmanship. For the investment, you not only expect the best cooling technology available but also a product that will last the wear and tear of normal use. Situations may vary, but at the end of the day you need to be able to rely on your portable air conditioner to rescue you when temperatures (and tempers) can flare.

Accessories and Parts

Mounting brackets and replacement hoses are just two of the many types of accessories and parts available for portable air conditioners today. If you
are planning on ventilating out a conveniently placed window, you’ll need a spacer kit to keep the window sealed at the same time. Replacement wheels, grates, and filters are just some of the accessory products which should be available through your air conditioner dealer. The key to keeping up your appliances is to make quick repairs on the spot versus getting used to something being broken until you hate owning it.

Customer Service

A helpful sales associate can turn a difficult shopping experience into a pleasant one with training in customer service. A proper dealer of portable and built-in air conditioners can really make the difference and repeat customers bring the most powerful marketing of all: word of mouth. How well did the sales associate know the product? Did he or she make recommendations as well?

Product Support

After Sale Servicing is some of the most important aspects to customer service and it is the true mark of a respectable dealer. Now that they have your money, how well they assist you after the sale determines whether you are a repeat or one-time customer.

Check to see if your air conditioning vendor offers support after the sale, sure they’ll sell you more products, but will they help you get the most out of your investment? You can’t always know how a retailer will treat you after the sale but gauging your experience during the sale can be a clue in itself. Remember, you may have important questions or need help with installations, it never hurts to ask. When you need help and the heat is rising, the dealer that sold you the air conditioner should be leaned on to provide quick help to remedy any issues preventing the best operation of your unit.

Comprehensive Product Offering

Your situation is different and your air conditioner supplier should be able to provide the perfect solution for your needs. But do they offer a varied selection of air conditioners both built-in and portable? Based on your need you may want a system with a small footprint or you might need to rethink your purchase some models will offer standard window attachments but you may need something unusual.

Here’s a tip from the pros at GMC Aircon:

Door installation may be more complicated due to the fact that a window installation kit is typically not large enough to cover the open door space. The height of the door may be covered by using two or more installation kits extended to fill the opening required for the exhaust hose. An alternative to this method may be to custom cut plywood or Styrofoam insulation material to cover the larger opening created by venting through a sliding glass door.

Affordable Quality

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you should be left out of the quality game. Every consumer, those looking to make sizable investments and those on a budget deserve first-class service and top-notch quality. When you look to buy an air conditioner in South Africa you must check to verify that solid and durable construction goes into each and every product sold by a dealer. Only those that cater to all ends of the consumer spectrum can be flexible enough to handle any type of customer, residential or commercial.

Making the investment

A good retailer of air conditioners will have variable options for financing your new air conditioner. Are you ready to pay all at once or do you need a payment plan to help you make the purchase? When you are buying an air conditioner in South Africa, you need a dealer that is willing to make things easy for you. Remember before you make that investment in a new air conditioner; make sure that you choose a high quality professional for all your needs.

When buying an air conditioner in South Africa, you need to get durable, quality craftsmanship that is compatible with your budget. You need not only impeccable service before the sale, but professional assistance for all the little questions after. Be sure that you use a professional dealer that brings the highest value for the money you invest. When creating the perfect in-home or in-office environment, buying an air conditioner is the same in South Africa as anywhere in the world. With a professional dealer you can trust, you can put your hard earned money towards something that will increase the quality of your air for you and your family.

Understanding BTU Rating for your portable air-con

Now that we have covered why you need a portable air-con solution, it’s time to take a look at the technical side of things and give you a bit of insight on the power rating of your unit, how to select the right size capacity for your application and what to do to calculate your own BTU requirements.

If you still have any questions after reading this, or find yourself even more confused on selecting the right air-con for you, then call into the head office and speak to one of our expert consultants. They will give you all the advice you need to make sure that you select the right BTU for your portable aircon and get your rooms cooled as quickly as possible.

Rating Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units can be small portable appliances easily transported or they can be large installations that are rarely seen unless something goes wrong.

In order to purchase the right air conditioner you need to know how they are rated.

BTU stands for British thermal unit and is used to gauge how much cooling capability a particular air conditioner is capable of producing.

Determining your Air Conditioning Needs

If you know the area of the room you need to cool you can easily determine how many BTU’s will be needed to do the job. If you don’t already know the size of the area you need to cool, measure the length and width and multiply the numbers together. This is the area of the room and we can use this piece of information to help purchase the right air conditioner.

Other Factors

The area of the space you are trying to cool is only the primary consideration when purchasing an air conditioner. Many other factors can both increase or decrease the amount of energy needed to provide the cool temperatures that you need.

Excess Moisture

Air conditioners remove heat from the air which causes ambient moisture to collect in the form of condensation. Any air conditioner will have excess moisture and you need to be aware of how the runoff will be handled. Many installed air conditioners will have a drip line that can be affixed to a nearby drain. Portable air conditioners can have receptacles that you will need to empty; larger capacity units may have more volume for which to store the excess.

The GMC Aircon BTU Assessment Guide

Don’t be intimidated by the terms and formulas for determining your cooling needs. The following guide cleanly and clearly breaks down each necessary step in figuring exactly what the most efficient cooling solution is for your home.

A BTU/kW Primer

KW to BTU per hour Conversion

Use this formula to determine how many BTU’s are produced by a given wattage (kW).

1 kW = 3,412 BTU’s per hour

For example, if the air conditioner you are looking at says that it has a capacity of 3,412 BTU’s then during the course of one hour of operation, 1 kW will have been consumed.

BTU to kW Conversion

Use this formula to determine how many kilowatts will be used to power the unit.

1 BTU = .000293 kW or 3,412 BTU’s = 1 kW/h

For example, a 10,000 BTU air conditioner will use 2.93 kW per hour.

Area Calculation

Use this formula to determine the area of the room you are trying to cool.

L x W

For example, if your room is 10 meters x 4 meters, then your square meters equals 40 square meters.

Angled Area Calculation

Use this formula to determine the area of rooms with angled walls.

(L x W)/2 or the square meters divided by two equals the area with angled walls.

Cooling Variables to Consider;

Rooms shaded by trees or buildings my increase efficiency by reduce your estimated capacity needs by 10 percent.

Very sunny rooms or naturally hot areas should increase capacity by 10 percent.

Cooling the TV room? Add 600 BTU’s for each person more than three that regularly occupy the space.

Stoves and ovens significantly add to heat in the home. If the unit is in a kitchen, increase your estimated capacity needs by 4,000 BTUs.


Where you plug in your portable air conditioner can affect how efficiently the unit can cool your room. Units stashed in the corner must have vents that can broadcast the cool air throughout the room.

Sizing your Portable Air Conditioner

You can determine what your exact cooling needs now that you know the basics. Knowing the size of your room and how many people will occupy the space and other factors means you are in control of your investment.

Whether you are shopping online or buying from a local appliance dealer, by understanding your own requirements you gain control over your investment. If you are shopping online, be sure to use a website that provides reviews and ratings for the products.  When you are shopping online you have the advantage of price comparison and the experience of others in the form of reviews and testimonials.

Always be sure to factor in the variables for your location and consider the amount of people in the space as well as any heat generating appliances like cookware in the kitchen. If the air conditioner you buy is too powerful you’ll be wasting power and paying for it. If the air condition you buy is not powerful enough, you will still be in want of cool relief. Before you go check out our guide on how to stay cool in the South African summer.

Still need help?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of the GMC team will be on hand to help with any queries you may have.

We hope this guide has helped you and please feel free to leave any feedback below.

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