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In this post we will be looking at air source heat pumps, what they are, what they do and how you can benefit from the installation of an air source heat pumps.

Heat pumps are the most effective heating and cooling system available for use in both residential and commercial applications such as hotels, retail complexes, office buildings and even inside your own home.

This established technology has been used for decades to provide a low-cost, safe heating and cooling solution. They provide efficient cooling in the hot summer months and fantastic heating in the winter.

Heat pumps have the ability to tap the natural heat produced by the earth and use it to heat any room or building, the only energy required is to move the heat within the ducting system into the rooms of the building. Therefore, we can say that heat pumps supply more energy than they consume. This energy comes in the form of clean, abundant heat without polluting the environment with unnecessary excessive carbon emissions.

Today’s climate is changing and reducing our impact on the environment by limiting our carbon foot print, is the responsibility of corporates and individuals everywhere. Using a heat pump system to handle your cooling and heating needs is a sure-fire way to reduce your energy consumption and in turn, reduce the carbon emissions that you produce.

GMC air source heat pumps

air source heat pumps

All of GMC’s heat pump products are manufactured in compliance with ISO9001/2008 quality management system requirements. GMC ensures that both water and electricity systems are completely isolating, eliminating the risk of electrical fault due to water entering the electrical system, making them safer than traditional electrical water heaters.

Air source heat pumps are able to supply heated air and water and a quarter of the cost of traditional heaters, saving you up to 60% of your current electricity usage. The heat pump is controlled by micro-computers that give you full control of the system and its settings.


Air source heat pumps systems has memory for your preferred settings of temperature and humidity, as well as timer and auto stop/start function, making it a ‘set-and-forget’ system that will keep your living environment perfectly balanced at any time of day or night, at any time of year.

How it works

The operating principle diagramof a heat pump is similar to traditional air-con systems in the fact that it uses waters tendency to expand as it is heated. The heat pump will draw warm air in from outside and pass it through the fin-coil evaporating system where the refrigerant then extracts the heat from the air.

The refrigerant is then compressed to a high temperature, high-pressure gas by the compressor and then the heat energy transferred into the water by means of a tube-in-shell heat exchanger. The refrigerant in the system then returns to normal and the cycle is repeated.

The environment

Global climate change has become a serious issue that affects every nation across the globe. It is our responsibility to curb the contributing environmental pollution produced by our lifestyle. Using an air-source heat pump is a great way to reduce your energy consumption, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and your impact on the world around you, while improving your quality of life and convenience in your home or office building.

The result


If you are in need of a heating solution for your home or commercial application, then GMC Aircon has the system for you. We have installed hundreds of heat pump systems all across the country. Our team of technicians are able to provide you with guaranteed installation and assist you with any maintenance or fault-finding in your system

At GMC Aircon, we value our clients and work with them to provide the exact solution that suits their application. With 25 years of experience, our technicians and consultants will make sure that your heating needs are taken care of. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the GMC Aircon team today.


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