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Dehumidifiers can turn a hot, humid environment into a cool, refreshing one in a matter of minutes. They reduce humidity levels in a room, basement of office effectively and efficiently. Reducing the humidity in your home prevents and environment where dust mites and mold can survive.

Dehumidifiers are quiet in operation and most units are ‘set and forget’ meaning you turn them on and then walk away, letting the unit go to work on dehumidifying the space. Their air-filter system eliminates and stale or foul odours that occur in a humid environment and they reduce the chances of your home falling prey to things like swollen joints on doors and cupboards, raised floorboards and rising damp.

A damp living environment can irritate your skin and create the right conditions for viral infections as well as respiratory problems that arise from elevated humidity in the air. Humid environments cause chaos in the home, making foods stale faster and ruining home electronics.

If you live in a humid environment such as a coastal area, and you rely on an air-conditioning unit to cool your home or office, then a dehumidifier makes for an ideal running partner. Operating both together increases the efficiency of the air-con and reduces its need for energy which actually reduces your energy consumption.

You Know you Need a Dehumidifier When

If your home has any water staining and you are sure that it is not from leaking or broken pipework, then chances are you need a dehumidifier. In addition to that, if you find windows in your home with condensation on the interior, or if r home has any rooms that have low or no ventilation, a dehumidifier can clean and purify the humid air while cooling the room.

Mold, mildew, and spores take hold of a moist, humid environment eventually. If you see any evidence of this and notice that the air in a room is heavier than normal, or has a peculiar odour, then a dehumidifier is your best bet to get the air in the room right and keep it right.

The final reason to consider a dehumidifier is if you live or work in a building that relies on a central air-conditioning unit. These systems often are not maintained by the building managers and can spread dirty air that is filled with potential health hazards. Using a dehumidifier is a great way to clean the air as most modern units, even portable ones, have a built in ionizer that cleans and filters the air, removing any harmful bacteria.

If you have allergies, then a dehumidifier is a must, it removes any impurities in the air such as pollen, cleaning and filtering the air and preventing the growth of any parasites such as dust mites that can play up your allergies. Common reactions to overly humid living or working conditions are; a stuffy nose and itching eyes, sneezing or difficulty with breathing and skin disorders such as itching or rashes. Mold can significantly increase the likelihood of respiratory infections, especially in children, so removing humidity of an environment eliminates many potential health issues that arise from poorly ventilated environments.

Choosing what’s Right for You

People need a dehumidifier for many different reasons, in the home, it may be for your spare bedroom or laundry in the basement. Commercial uses include kitchens and apartment ventilation systems, whatever the situation, there is a dehumidifying solution available to solve the problem you are facing with elevated humidity levels.

The output, in other words, the capacity of a dehumidifiers ability to remove moisture from the air is the standard to which the efficiency of a dehumidifier is measured. A Large capacity dehumidifier will be able to remove over 70 pints of water from the air every day, while a medium may do around 40 pints and a smaller unit, such as a portable, around 20 pints per day.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right dehumidifier for your needs, then call into the GMC Aircon offices and our knowledgeable consultants will walk you through anything you need to know about the right dehumidifier solution for your needs. If you’re looking to order a dehumidifier you can visit our shop page here. Where we have a range of small and large dehumidifiers.

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