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Living in South Africa brings a wide variety of environments and climates, from the coastal surroundings to snowy mountains and the vast desert regions. One thing is certain, South Africa attains a harsh and dry climate as it sits close to the equator. Lets look at options of purchasing air coolers in South Africa.

There are many methods of cooling and cleaning the air, but evaporative cooling is one of the oldest and most commonly used techniques of lowering air temperatures. More dry climate areas struggle with humidity levels on top of the heat, extending the discomfort far greater. It’s been proven that dry and hot climates can cause discomfort for cognitive thinking and physical resilience. By using an air cooler device, you will reap a range of benefits above other traditional cooling methods.

Of all the machines to mimic cooler weather, air coolers are some of the most economically and environmentally friendly options available. Air coolers not only help improve your air quality but also reduce symptoms of dehydration and discomfort, by incorporating one into your home or workspace, you enable yourself the potential for better living. Air coolers provide many benefits over other devices, but before we get into that, let’s take a better look at the inner workings of an air cooler.

How do Air Coolers in South Africa work?

Air coolers, as stated above, are one of the oldest and most basic methods used to cool air. The process is so simple that it can commonly be found occurring in nature, per se near a pool or dam.

Air cooler diagram

The method of cooling used is evaporation, a method many companies have taken advantage of to ensure optimized and efficient cooling. Air cooler devices use the understanding that there is a high transmission rate between water and hot air, which allows for evaporation to occur and turns liquid water into water vapor.

This water vapor becomes diffused around the room, moisture inducing the air, raising air quality and offering cooling aspects. An air cooler device is likely to follow the course of sucking in the dry air with a fan, transferring it over a small body of water which it absorbs and releasing it out back into your home. This method is the most common and oldest used, probably because of its basic concept and technological application. An air cooler device uses no other substances aside from water and requires very little energy making it ideal for anyone wanting to be kinder to their wallets and the environment.

Why do you need an air cooler?

Aside from improving your overall air quality, air coolers offer a variety of perks above air-cons, which makes them a great product for the niche and masses. These are a few of the reasons you may specifically need an air cooler device over any AC, specifically when purchasing air coolers in South Africa.

  • Dry climate– If you stay in an area arider than most, as some places in Europe and Africa are, then it’s likely an air cooler will advance your everyday life far greater than an AC. Air coolers in South Africa are best suited for hot and dry climates as it ups the humidity levels by reintroducing water back into the air ecosystem.
  • Itching– One of the most common symptoms to follow a dry climate is itching. The lack of moisture extends to the body and realizes itself as dehydration. Dry climates drain your body of moisture, leaving you with itchy skin, eyes and throat. This can be avoided with an air cooler device as it rehydrates your air and you.
  • Physical health– Although the above symptoms may be due to the hot climate, dry and hot terrains can cause a variety of other health issues. Hot, dry air causes insomnia, respiratory issues, sinus collapses, heat stroke and more. If you are experiencing any of these issues then it’s time for you to consider an air cooler device.

Benefits of air coolers in South Africa

As stated above, air coolers in South Africa can cause a variety of issues that can have an extremely negative impact on your life, limiting your physical and cognitive abilities. It’s not just the issues that should persuade your purchase for an air cooler but also the exclusive benefits. An air cooler is the only cooling device to admit water into the air, this makes its benefits scarce and valuable in the technological world. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from owning an air cooler:

  • Cooling effects– Aside from simply cooling down the air temperature, air coolers also rehydrate the environment which in turn rehydrates you. Experience the benefits of softer hair, less itching and more health.
  • Cost-effective– Not only does it improve your environment but it’s friendly to it too. Because of the basic water absorption method used by air coolers, requiring very little resources or energy, an air cooler is the most economically and environmentally friendly cooling process available.
  • Consumer satisfaction– Because of its low energy and environmental impact, as well as its long lifespan, air coolers have been and are still one of the leading cooling methods to employ overall consumer satisfaction. Better for your bank account, environment, health, and lifestyle.

What else is there to consider?

You now know why you need air coolers and why they are the better option over all else, now it’s time to ensure you get the best air cooler device for you. These are some key points to consider before buying an air cooler:

  • Room size– One of the most important things to consider before buying an air cooler is the size of the room you would like to cool. By ensuring the true size of the room, you will be able to buy a product with the right capacities. Too small a machine will constantly be consuming and trying to cool down too large a space whereas too large a machine will cost more on purchase and in power bills.
  • Use– The use of your machine is another important aspect to consider as it will greatly affect the product you purchase, by knowing whether you want an air cooler to grow plants or cool your home, its best to narrow down the use so you can better understand the capabilities.
  • Types– There are four main types of air coolers, recognized as residential units; window-mounted coolers; Industrial units; and outdoor evaporative coolers. Each air cooler device comes with its own set of criteria to meet, whether it be capabilities, size or price. Some renters can’t install coolers whereas some businesses want to cool down whole warehouses through the walls, each niche has a product meeting its needs.
  • Environment – Air coolers are only really suited for hot dry climates. The product works by drawing in the warm hot air over cooling pads, this air cooler cannot be used in a sealed environment. The product is designed for DRY-HOT climates and requires outside airflow in the designated use area. On average in an ideal environment this product will lower the ambient room temperature of between 5-7 degrees Celsius. The product is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Air coolers guide conclusion

In a world of rising heat, it’s important not only to seek out a better means of living but rather the best. Air coolers boast far more benefits and differences over other, generic means of cooling. An air cooler device is also one of the lowest environmentally impacting methods available, making it greatly appreciated in a world of waste.

Aside from improving your air quality and environment, air coolers also create the perfect humidity levels to re-hydrate skin and sinus ways as well as decreasing physical and cognitive stress. By buying an air cooler, you subject your body to the best system, prices, and lifestyle. An advanced life, free of dry heat, awaits at the purchase of your air cooler. We hope this guide helps you better understand air coolers and how they can help you.

Here at GMC Aircon we are committed to finding the right solution for all of our clients. Our range of air coolers include small home use evaporative coolers such as our popular AB20 – Air Cooler which is for home use indoors with good air flow and outside areas such as Patios and Lapas. We also have our larger air cooler units such as our AB30 and AB65 which are used for larger outside settings such as large events, warehouses, workshops and any outside or large indoor area which requires energy efficient cooling.

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