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Everything you need to know about Air-source heat pumps

Heat pumps are the most effective heating and cooling system available for use in both residential and commercial applications such as hotels, retail complexes, office buildings and even inside your own home. This established technology has been used for decades to provide a low-cost, safe heating and cooling solution. They provide efficient cooling in the

An introduction to geothermal heat pumps

  One of the most efficient and effective means of heating your home is using a geothermal heat pump. Providing both heat and hot water, more homeowners are discovering the benefits that this system can offer their home in terms of convenience, budget savings and eco-friendly operation.   A Geothermal heat pump draws heat from

Energy Efficient Hot Water for your Space

Energy Efficient Hot Water for your Space   April 16, 2014 Posted by GMC The use of heat pump water heater systems has risen dramatically in recent years as more and more people realise their performance and energy efficiency benefits. Here we will look at how GMC ThermalĀ  system works and what makes them so