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How to Maintain Airconditioning Units

  Anyone that owns, or has benefitted from, air conditioning units will agree that they are pretty great things. Not only do they provide the cool air we need when temperatures are soaring, they can reduce humidity to keep us comfortable and filter the air so that allergies do not flare up. One of the

An introduction to geothermal heat pumps

  One of the most efficient and effective means of heating your home is using a geothermal heat pump. Providing both heat and hot water, more homeowners are discovering the benefits that this system can offer their home in terms of convenience, budget savings and eco-friendly operation.   A Geothermal heat pump draws heat from

An Introduction to Air Conditioners

Air conditioners play a massive part in our daily lives and without them life would be a whole lot less comfortable! As the name suggests, air conditioners are machines that are designed to condition the air to meet the demands of the user. Whether at home, school, the office, or pretty much any other type

Basic How-To’s of a Heat Pump

Basic How-To’s of a Heat Pump   Feb 14, 2014 Posted by GMC A heat pump, or a heat transfer device, works similarly to a traditional air-conditioner (HVAC) Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning unit. The heat pump moves heated air from one location to another, hence the name, but don’t let the name fool you