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Airconditioner (AC) units are fast becoming the most sought after commodity for homeowners, businesses, and schools across South Africa, and the world for that matter. They are seen as the perfect solution to helping people remain comfortable in variable weather conditions and come in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of just about anyone.

There are many people out there that view air conditioners as being full of pros without any cons, and indeed, there are numerous benefits to owning an AC system. However, at GMC Aircon, even as a company that specialises in air-conditioning, we know that nothing is without its disadvantages. Therefore, in the spirit of fairness and objectiveness, here are the pros and the cons of air-conditioners.



Cool air

The outstanding benefit of AC systems is, of course, their ability to cool the air in a room and provide comfortable conditions for everyone in it. No matter what type of aircon  you have, it will be able to fulfill this purpose.

Air conditioning units are able to provide and maintain cool air by taking heat out of a room and moving it elsewhere. With high temperatures caused by the sun and appliances, and heat put out by humans, the air regulated by air conditioners is invaluable.

Reduced humidity

With increased temperature comes increased humidity – that’s that sticky feeling you get when you are too warm. Most air-conditioner systems come with the ability to keep rooms ‘dry’ so that humidity can be reduced without a room becoming over-cool. Human’s function best when humidity is around 50% – our air conditioners can help achieve this.

gmc cassette split aca60

Quality air

Cool air is one thing, but being comfortable requires more than coolness; it requires quality air. The air that an air-conditioner puts out is regulated and filtered to reduce allergy-causing bacteria, dust, mites, and pollen. This way a GMC Aircon system can benefit everyone that uses it.

Convenient heat

Many modern AC systems not only provide the ability to keep a room cool, they can also heat it too. During those cooler days and evenings, an airconditioner can be switched on to provide immediate heat, once again proving that AC can always provide the right temperature.


One of the lesser spoken about benefits of air conditioning is the improved security that a system can bring during the hot weather. Without AC, windows and doors usually have to be left open to try to cool down a room; this obviously leaves homes and businesses open to opportunist thieves. With an airconditioner, windows and doors can remain closed, which automatically enhances safety.






Probably the biggest drawback of airconditioners is their expense. While smaller units are very much affordable, systems for large spaces can be quite costly. However, if you are a business, the cost can be offset against a rise in productivity from employees working in ideal conditions.


A common complaint of airconditioner units is the noise that they give off when in operation. While older models can be loud and quite irritating if you are trying to sleep, our systems are specially developed to offer excellent noise reduction for a quieter operation.

Lack of performance

It is important when buying an airconditioner that you purchase one that meets your needs. Investing a small unit for a large space will result in a lack of performance.


Airconditioner systems require regular maintenance. Fortunately, if you buy from us, maintenance is something we can help with; however, smaller portable units purchased elsewhere will often require self-maintenance and is important that you know what you are doing.


gmclogoThere you have it – the pros and the cons of airconditioner systems. Having weighed up both, I am sure you would agree that the advantages of owning a GMC Aircon unit far outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, when temperatures really heat up, it’s pretty hard to put a price on cool air!


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