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12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

GMC Aircon – 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – WIFI Enabled – Demo Model


We have a few GMCP12RLB – 12000 btu WIFI portable aircon demo model which we’re offering at a reduced price. These demo models are in perfect condition, repacked and resealed and come with a full 2 year warranty. We also offer a 5% discount if you would like to collect the unit from our warehouse in Gauteng.

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There are a multitude of 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners for sale online. Which should you choose? Which will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Which is the best for South Africa’s fickle climate?

Enough questions. “They” say you can’t control the weather, but we beg to differ.

The one-and-only GMCP12RLB – Cooling and Heating portable aircon gives YOU the control to create your own indoor climate using advanced technology to transform your home or business’s climate.

GMC Airconditioning was established in 1995, support a small and proudly South African company. Buying local means building our economy, instead of supporting big companies that treat you like a number and not a person. We believe that local is lekker, which is why we’ve been a leading local air-conditioning company since ’95. We are absolutely passionate about high-quality products for exceptional value and after sales support.

GMC Aircon is highly-rated online as one of South Africa’s best value-for-money companies, trusted by big brands and consumers alike. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out some of our reviews online.

Each state-of-the-art GMCP12RLB portable air-con:

  • WIFI Control integrated using the ‘Smart Life’ App.
  • Energy Rated ‘A’ by the department of Energy South Africa
  • Creates a clean and comfortable environment with fresh, crisp air
  • Can be moved and setup anywhere in your home via rolling casters
  • Features a sophisticated design that suits any theme and décor
  • Cools down or heats up any space of up to 28 m2
  • Is backed by a FULL 2-year guarantee (unlike most guarantees which are limited)
  • Comes with uncompromised after-sales support
  • Ensures 100% satisfaction

More Features:

  • 3 Speed fan
  • Automatic restart in the event of a power outage
  • Auto Shut off when the tank is full
  • Auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures
  • Auto Evaporation for energy saving and high efficiency
  • Built in timer with sleep mode
  • Dehumidifying Capacity of 28.8L / Day
  • Easy Window Connection kit
  • Energy Efficient rated A by the department of Energy South Africa
  • Heating & Cooling Options
  • High capacity in a compact size with a cooling and heating function.
  • LED display
  • R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Remote Control
  • Rolling Casters for easy movement
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use.
  • Temperature setting and display


  • Cooling Capacity (BTU):                12000Btu
  • Heating Capacity (BTU):               9500Btu
  • Power Supply:                                 220-240V/50Hz
  • Rated Input W (Cooling):             1335W
  • Rated Current Amps (Cooling):   9A
  • Rated Input W (Heating):             1118W
  • Rated Current Amps (Heating):   5.0A
  • EER for cooling:                              2,6
  • COP for heating:                              2,5
  • Refrigerant/Charge:                       R410A
  • Dehumidify Capacity:                    8L / Day
  • Air Circulation:                                400m³/h
  • Noise:                                                ≤56dB(A)
  • Body Size (mm):                              401(W) x 373(L) x 806(H)
  • Carton Size (mm):                           582(W) x 422(L) x 868(H)
  • Net Weight:                                       35kg
  • Gross Weight:                                   35kg
  • Application Area:                             18-28m²
  • Control Type:                                    Remote Control/LED Panel
  • Warranty Type:                                Full 2 years


What’s in the box

1 x GMCP12RLB Portable Air conditioner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Exhaust Hose

1 X Window Connection Kit (Window Side)

1 X Window Connection Kit (Unit Side)

1 x Window Kit


If our shining reviews at online don’t convince you, we don’t know what will. Shop and save on your powerful new portable air-con system today and join 1000’s of happy South Africans. And remember – We’re always just a phone call away to assist our customers and will ensure that every customer of ours is 100% satisfied with the product and service delivered.





As a general rule very, little installation is required with portable air conditioners. Like all other models of portable air conditioners, the unit does contain an exhaust hose which needs to be vented to an outside area as this removes warm air and moisture from the room.

The most important part of the setup that you will need to complete is determining where to vent the exhaust hose. You will need to vent the exhaust hose through a window, wall, or into an attic to release warm air from the room.

Window exhaust hose kits supplied allow quick and easy window venting without losing cool air to the outside. The window kits supplied with all models of portable air conditioners and designed for sliding Windows.  This is not always ideal in a country like South Africa which is why we have locally designed and produced a window seal kit for other window types. This additional window seal kit is available to purchase on all of our online platforms.



The existing window kits for all Portable Aircons on the market are designed to fit sliding windows.

Here at GMC Aircon, we realised this is not always ideal for the South African market and we have locally designed and produced a fabric window seal kit to fit other window types.

This additional window seal kit is available for purchase on all of our online platforms. Please ensure the sizing is correct for your window type before purchasing the additional kit.

If you’re unsure of the sizing or have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact one of the GMC Aircon team who will be more than happy to help.



The noise level of portable air conditioners is an important consideration for many people. The medium sound level of portable air conditioners ranges from 52 dB to 57 dB. The average (54.6 dB) and the most common (56 dB) decibel ratings fall within this range.

Unlike a split air conditioner, a portable air conditioner has everything in one casing. This means the compressor of the air conditioning, which is responsible for the noise, is built into the casing. With a split air conditioner, the compressor hangs outside, so it’s not as loud

The GMCP12RLB has a decibel rating of <56DB which is one of the quietest available on the South African market. The American Academy of Audiology puts this into the bracket of ‘Moderate’ noise level with a comparison of 50dB being ‘Moderate Rainfall’ and 60dB being Normal Conversation or a Dishwasher running. Please take this into consideration when purchasing your new Portable Air conditioner.



Your new GMCP12RLB Portable Aircon has the following dimensions. For some customers this may not be the ideal size for the area where the unit is being place. Please ensure you are happy with the size of the product before purchasing.

41CM (W) x 37CM (L) x 86CM (H)


IS THE GMCP12RLB a ‘SMART’ appliance?

Yes, using the ‘Smart Life’ App you are able to connect the GMCP12RLB Portable Aircon to a WIFI enabled device and control your new air conditioner remotely. Full instructions are included in the user manual.



Please ensure that the GMCP12RLB is suitable for the coverage area you require. The ability of a portable air conditioner to cool is measured in BTUs, this refers to the amount of heat a unit can remove from the room. The greater the BTUs, the more cooling capacity the air conditioner has. You will need accurate measurements of your room in order to determine your BTU needs.

The GMCP12RLB is suitable for an area of approx. 25-30m² max. However, a general rule of thumb is 500-600btu/m².  If you are not sure of your area, contact one of the GMC Airconditioning team for further technical assistance.

Other factors that can affect the BTUs that your room needs include the insulation, direct sunlight, number of people normally in the room, how hot the room is without air conditioning, and other sources of heat in the room.



The size of the exhaust supplied with all portable air conditioners on the market is 1.5M as this is the industry standard to ensure optimum performance of the aircon. Adding extra length to your exhaust hose has potential to damage your Portable AC unit and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

A longer exhaust hose can lead to dangerous overheating of the air conditioning unit; therefore, it is not advised to lengthen the exhaust hose. If you’re ever in doubt please feel free to give one of the GMC team a call and we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.



Portable AC units do not circulate air beyond the immediate area; therefore, they are not normally effective for cooling more than one room. In general, Portable Aircons are recommended for cooling a single room at a time. Please ensure the GMCP12RLB matches the room size you are trying to cool. It has the ability to cool down or heat up any space of up to 28 m2.



The GMCP12RLB is a single hose unit.

A single hose portable air conditioner will have one hose that it used to vent the exhaust outside of the room that is being cooled. The unit removed warm air and moisture from the room and vents the warm air away through the exhaust hose. A slight amount of negative pressure is created using this type of Aircon unit due to the air that is released from the room and not replaced. This will be countered by air being drawn in from surrounding rooms.



Yes, the GMCP12RLB does have a heating mode which can be used for those chilly days or nights. Please note though when using any portable aircon in ‘Heat Mode’ it will require you to drain the water tank. If you are in a wet or humid area this can be required fairly often. There is an option to connect a drainage hose (Supplied) to the AC and then drain continuously to an outside area.


As an explanation this is how the heating function in your new portable AC will work.

In addition to removing heat/cold from the indoor air, air conditioners also serve a second function — removing moisture from the air as it passes through the evaporator coil. When warm air is moved over the evaporator coils and the refrigerant liquid inside evaporates, the surrounding air cools. As this air cools, moisture from the air will condense on the outside of the evaporator coils. To get rid of this moisture, air conditioning equipment contains drain ports that allows the collected water inside the unit to be drained. The water runs down the evaporator coil to a drip pan that temporarily contains the water until it can be drained out.

Float Switch

A float switch, also known as a condensate overflow switch, serves to prevent this pan from overflowing until the AC can be drained out. The switch is activated when the level of the water in the pan comes above a certain point, causing the switch mechanism/float to rise. When this happens, the switch will then send a message to the AC unit , and it will shut off, stopping the phase conversion and creation of condensation. At this point, the water must be drained out via the rubber plug, situated at the rear of the unit, at the very bottom or you can connect the drainage hose to this area for continuous drainage.



Here at GMC Aircon, we believe in innovation and preservation, our products use the latest in eco-friendly advancements such as R410a refrigerant.

R410A is the refrigerant that enables Portable Air conditioners to cool your home. It is often referred to by the brand name Puron, and is the replacement for R-22 Freon that has been outlawed in new air conditioning units.

R410A does not cause ozone depletion, as its forerunner R22 does, and it allows more efficient cooling. GMC Aircon is proud to offer this state-of-the-art refrigerant in each of our Airconditioning units, including the GMCP12RLB model portable unit.



If you need additional assistance with your air-conditioning questions or need help with your GMCP12RLB – 12,000 BTU Unit, please contact GMC Aircon today. Our professional technicians can help you with choosing the right Air conditioner for your situation, questions on installation, or any other trouble you may be having.

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 51 × 46 × 87 cm

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