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With rising temperatures come all sorts of different ways to beat the warm weather. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy cool temperatures all year-round and when the weather begins to swelter, you need a way to keep cool without breaking the bank.

Modern Cooling Technology

The evaporative effect provided a type of early air conditioning but is a far cry from today’s cooling technology. Many people now use compressor driven air conditioning units and these are more affordable and much more portable. While not the only solution on the market air conditioners provide a level of cooling that is hard to beat.

Portable Air Conditioners

As technology advances, smaller and more powerful devices continue to fill the cooling needs of the market. Air conditioners of all types and sizes are available

Alternatives to Portable Air Conditioners

If cost is an issue even some of the smaller portable air conditioners may not meet your cooling needs or may still be out of your price range. If the heat is on and you need relief, consider using a cooling mist fan. These modern day versions of old evaporative cooling fans combine the convenience of a powerful fan with the cooling power of misting water.

Parts of a Cooling Mist Fan

If you have a standing fan in your home then you are Cooling mist fans are very similar to normal house fans with just a few key differences.

First, most cooling mist fans will feature a wide or heavy base which may house the fan’s water supply. Water filled appliances should not tip easily and homes with pets need not worry with a sturdy fan base.

In addition to the sturdy base is a cage covered powerful fan. The air pushed by this fan will have a spray of fine mist broadcast throughout the air stream cooling it. Different models will vary but most of the cooling mist fans on the market today will fall into this profile.

Portable Air Conditioner and Cooling Mist Fan Feature Comparison

In order to compare the two types of cooling methods, we need to establish which feature areas we are going to look at. First, both items will provide some measure of cooling effect while one will likely shine in one area while the other stands out in another area.

Cooling Features Mashup

The Cooling Features Mashup list below includes features found in either cooling mist fans and/or portable air conditioners.

Cooling Mist Fan Features

  1. Uses Evaporative Cooling Technology
  2. Units come with fans to move air
  3. Water must be refilled regularly
  4. Can be used to cool warm spaces

Portable Air Conditioner Features

  1. Can be used indoors
  2. Units come with fans to move air
  3. Excess water must be drained regularly
  4. Can be used to cool warm spaces


Both cooling mist fans and portable air conditioners will provide relief from rising temperatures. Each type of cooling method has its benefits and its disadvantages. If you are cooling a bench of footballers then a cooling mist fan may be your best and most efficient way to cool down the team. If you are inside your home or office, the portable air conditioner will surely stand out.

Do you need to leave your unit unattended for a long period of time? Consider a portable air conditioner with a drainage line or sleep timer so you can run your life without having to continuously watch the air conditioner. A cooling mist fan may run out of water but the air will still move and provide some relief.

Prices for portable air conditioners start in the affordable zone and become more expensive as you add on convenience features and of course power. If you are on a budget, consider shopping with a dedicated dealer to find the best value, your local hardware store will likely only stock certain brands and you will not have the proper selection you need to make an informed choice.

Prices for cooling mist fans are more expensive than traditional standing fans. The inline tubing system to move water and misting nozzles that spray it do add to the cost of the unit.

The Winner

It’s clear that while the cooling mist fan might offer a good level of cooling comfort, the real winner is a good quality portable air-con system.

Buying your new portable aircon online

Some of the most expansive selections of portable air conditioners and cooling mist fans can be found in the many online shops of the Internet. But, not all sellers are equal – some online retailers may not be flexible nor accommodating should your purchase or shipments go astray.

Always be sure to check the return policy on any purchases made through an online retailer. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, can you return or exchange the item? Can you get a full or partial refund? Often times, buyer beware is the standard protocol when shopping for appliances. In order to get the best prices for the best quality goods, comparison shopping can be a real help.

Once you have decided on your system and set it up in your home, its time to turn it on and get cool. Before you start to relax, make sure that you aren’t making any of these air-conditioning mistakes;

Common mistakes with your new air-con

Some of the most obvious mistakes one can make in keeping your home cool are in-efficient or improper use of your air conditioner. Whether you are using a built-in or portable air conditioner, you too can be a victim of air conditioner mistakes in the home. Air conditioner mistakes can be categorized as anything that impacts the proper functioning of the air conditioner. By leaving windows open carelessly you will make the job of cooling your home or office that much more challenging for your air conditioner.

With a little knowledge, using an air conditioner is an easy ticket to cool indoor air. Before you can properly run your air conditioner, portable or built-in is to check your space for heat leaks or other areas which can lead to your precious cool air to escape. Keep windows tightly shut and if possible close off doors to unoccupied areas. The objective is to keep you cool while the other parts of the home or office remain closed off.

When turning on the air conditioner, especially if you alternate with having windows open on cool nights, be sure to check that the windows and doors are all closed beforehand. Don’t waste electricity trying to keep the whole world cool in addition to you. Letting your air conditioner run at maximum efficiency means you will make your space cool while ensuring you are keeping it cool all day long.

Power and Heat

Believe it or not, the air conditioning process produces large amounts of heat as a byproduct which converts the water vapor in the air (humidity) to condensation which collects and needs to be drained. Check to see if the air conditioner is not overfilled with excess water, many times a heat exhaust can be piped out a near window.

A home is more efficiently cooled if it can be maintained at a certain temperature throughout the day and or night. Your air conditioner needs to work extra hard to cool your home if you have been out all day and the air has been off. Don’t let your space heat up to unreasonable temperatures only to beat back the heat with a blast from your air conditioner. Window dressings can be let down and you can leave screens closed to block additional solar heat. If you have large windows in the home and the sun floods through them during the day, cooling the home will be impacted. Taking into account the various contributors of heat in your home will put you in control of your air conditioning needs.

Taxing your circuits

Don’t cause more problems than you solve by checking to see that your electrical system is up to date and working properly. Do you have major appliances on one part of the home? Plugging in an air conditioner can add to existing loads or spike your circuits during the hottest days of the year. The last thing you need is to overload the fuses in your electrical box just when you need the relief of cooling power the most.

Take a listen to the sound of your appliances when your air conditioner clicks on – does everything on one side of your home flicker? Sometimes you may notice a dimming of lights in the home when your air conditioner snaps on. This is not a problem in the typical circumstance but when the temperatures flare outdoors, utility providers and even your electrical box are taxed even further. If you are running too many appliances off of a single circuit in your home and if plugging in your air conditioner into another outlet is not an option, consider calling in an electrician to review the situation.


You may not realize it but the humidity in your air turns into water condensation as a result of the air conditioning process. The excess water must be dealt with and some of the air conditioners on the market come with evaporative water disposal returning the lost water back to your indoor environment. If you don’t have a unit with evaporative disposal of water then you likely have a drain hose of some sort leaving the unit.

Always take care when working or cleaning in and around your air conditioner. Some pipes, hoses, and fittings can be damaged or broken especially if the connections are old and degraded. Be sure to visually inspect all hoses and pipes to ensure that no problems are creeping up.


When something breaks fixing the situation immediately will go a long way to preventing more costly problems down the road. Hoses may wear out over time which can lead to leaks or other issues and those issues may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Through the normal use of your air conditioner you may need to replace air filters or replace a part to keep the unit running at top efficiency. The objective here is to stay on top of problems before they become catastrophes. Be aware of the state of your home and all its appliances to keep things running smoothly and you from sweating over the small problems.

Correct sizing

By working with quality professionals you can be confident that you are making a sound investment towards cooling your home or office. If you are continually checking to see if your air conditioner is set properly, the unit may be unable to keep up with the air conditioning needs of your space. Also, if you are reaching for a jacket in the height of the South African summer then you may be paying for cooling you don’t need. An improperly sized cooling solution means an inefficient cooling experience not only costing you more in terms of electricity use but also in the frustration of the wrong sized air conditioner.

By choosing to work with a professional retailer of air conditioners like GMC Aircon, then you are in good hands. You can take control of your home or office’s temperature and environmental quality with an air conditioner from the company that is trusted by professionals and consumers alike.


GMC Aircon has a wide range of portable air-cons that will help you improve your quality of life at home. We have something available for everyone’s budget. The features of air-cons vary depending on the price level. Most portable air-cons have a timer that stores your favourite temperature settings and they even come with remote controls for you to set the temperature while you relax on the couch.

Whatever your room size or application, GMC Aircon will work with you to find the perfect cooling solution for your needs. Give us a call, or drop us an email and our professional team of experts will make sure you get the best advice and the best deal possible.

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