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Portable Air-Conditioning systems such as the GMCP10Y Portable Air Conditioner or the GMCP12RLB Cooling and Heating Portable Aircon which are great cooling and heating (GMCP12RLB Only) or the GMCP07Y Portable Aircon Cooling only solutions for rooms where a traditional airconditioner installations are not possible or the to assist struggling central HVAC systems. Portable AC’s are ideal in both home and office environments as well as retail and trade sites. They can be used to cool a wide range of rooms from living rooms, bedrooms, dens, server rooms, garages and even building site containers.

How does a Portable Air conditioner work?

A Portable Air-Conditioner is a completely self-contained unit, making them fully mobile and easy to set up in any room.

Like a conventional aircon the heat is removed from the air and vented through an easy to attach exhaust hose and window slider which comes with the GMCP10Y and GMCP12RLB and GMCP07Y Portable Aircons. Please note that these slider kits are standard with all portable aircons supplied around the world. This is not always ideal in South Africa due to different window types. This is why here at GMC Aircon we have locally designed and manufactured a window seal kit for portable aircons to fit non sliding windows.

How do I install my Portable Airconditioner?

In general, very little installation is required and this applies to our full range of portable aircons including the GMCP07Y, GMCP10Y and the GMCP12RLB.

The most important part of the setup that you will need to complete is determining where to vent the exhaust hose. Each Portable Airconditioner removes warm air and moisture from the room in order to cool it. You will need to vent the exhaust hose through a window, wall, or into an attic to release warm air from the room.

Window exhaust hose kits supplied allow quick and easy window venting without losing cool air to the outside this kits are designed for sliding windows. Should you require a window seal kit for non sliding windows then please see our window kit for non sliding windows.

With the GMCP07Y, GMCP10Y and the GMCP12RLB there is no need to install unnecessary condensate drain pipes, as it has revolutionary technology that automatically evaporates all the condensate which collects in its drain pan. You can read more about the GMCP07Y – 7,000 BTU Portable Aircon, GMCP10Y – 10,000 BTU Portable Aircon and the GMCP12RLB Portable Airconditioners and their features by clicking here on the Shop page.

What happens to the water?

Your mobile airconditioner will collect moisture from the air in an effort to cool the room. Each portable airconditioner unit disposes of the condensation in a different way. Some units will require that you empty a collection tank, while others will have a drainage hose to accommodate for. Others are equipped with an evaporator that removes water from the system with no further action on your part.

Automatic Evaporation: The GMCP07Y, GMCP10Y and GMCP12RLB contain state-of-the-art evaporative mechanisms that exhaust the moisture through the same exhaust hose that is set up for the warm air. Since the water is not allowed to condensate and collect, you will not be required to dispose of it. The convenience and low maintenance of these units makes them an extremely popular choice.

Automatic Drainage: PACs that automatically drain the water that collects due to condensation are another option that is largely hassle-free after initial setup. These units are equipped with drainage hoses that must be set up to drain, similarly to the exhaust hose that vents the warm air. In fact, they can be set up to drain and exhaust out of the same window using a window exhaust kit. The hose may also be directed to any other area where you would like the water to drain. Once this is set up, you will not have to concern yourself with the PAC’s water disposal on a daily basis.

Water Collection Tank: The third option for water disposal is manual removal from a collection tank. The units that utilize this method have collection tanks that need to be emptied frequently, depending upon the level of humidity in your home and how often the unit is running. Simply remove the tank and dump it down a drain when it is full for the PAC to begin operating again.

If the GMC team can help in any way please free to contact us and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help

How large of a Portable Aircon does my room require?

The ability of an air conditioner to cool is measured in BTUs, this refers to the amount of heat a unit can remove from the room. The greater the BTUs, the more cooling capacity the air conditioner has. You will need accurate measurements of your room in order to determine your BTU needs.

The GMCP07Y is suitable for an area of up to 16m². The GMCP10Y is suitable for an area of approx. 20-25m² max. The GMCP12RLB is suitable for an area of approx. 25-30m² max However a general rule of thumb is 500-600btu/m².  If you are not sure of your area contact one of the GMC Airconditioning team for further technical assistance.

Other factors that can affect the BTUs that your room needs include the insulation, direct sunlight, number of people normally in the room, how hot the room is without air conditioning, and other sources of heat in the room.

A medium sized room(20-25m²) will require 10000+ BTUs, based solely upon size. These rooms may include living rooms family rooms.

Large living areas and commercial space may require multiple units or industrial sized units to cool areas that are too large for traditional household Portable Air-conditioning units.(

What if my exhaust hose isn’t long enough?

Adding length to your exhaust hose has potential to damage your Compact Airconditioner unit and void the manufacturer’s warranty. A longer exhaust hose can lead to dangerous overheating of the air conditioning unit, therefore, it is not advised to lengthen the exhaust hose. If you’re ever in doubt please feel free to give one of the GMC team a call and we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

How do I ventilate air through a window or sliding glass door?

Window ventilation kits make it quick and easy to direct your exhaust and drain hoses through a window or sliding glass door. A window installation kit blocks the outdoor heat from entering while allowing your Portable Aircon unit to remove heat and moisture from inside.

Door installation may be more complicated due to the fact that a window installation kit is typically not large enough to cover the open door space. The height of the door may be covered by using two or more installation kits extended to fill the opening required for the exhaust hose. An alternative to this method may be to custom cut plywood or Styrofoam insulation material to cover the larger opening created by venting through a sliding glass door.

Can Portable Airconditioners be used in a server room?

Server rooms create significant amounts of heat due to the constantly running equipment that fills these rooms. Our Full range of Portable Aircons can provide supplemental cooling to these areas when the building’s central air conditioning system in inadequate or not operating.

The best portable units for this type of use are those with automatic evaporation technology such as the revolutionary technology used in the GMCP07Y, GMCP10Y and GMCP12RLB. This means that the unit will not require drainage or water tank emptying. The moisture that must be disposed of will be ventilated through the exhaust hose in evaporated form, eliminating the need for a person to maintain the units on a daily basis.

Units equipped with water collection tanks require frequent manual emptying of the water tank. When the tank is full the unit shuts down until it is emptied, making them ill-suited for this use. If a drainage area is convenient to the server room, a  unit with a drain hose for water disposal may be used.

Since server rooms often do not have windows or access to the outside, providing ventilation for the unit is the most significant issue. Venting the exhaust into a connecting room or the ceiling may be the best choice for these enclosed spaces.

Some portable units can be ceiling mounted and ventilated through the ceiling as well, making them ideal for rooms without exterior ventilation exits.

How can I ventilate my Portable Ac through a crank-out window?

The existing window kits supplied with all portable aircons are built for sliding windows and do not fit casement or crank-out style windows. If this is your only ventilation option then we have locally designed and manufactured a window seal kit for non sliding windows – Proudly South African.

Do I need to worry about electricity?

Most PACs do not require special wiring. The GMC Aircon range of portable airconditioners for example, simply plugs into a standard household outlet. However, it is strongly advised that the aircon be plugged into plug point which does not share the same circuit with other electrical appliances.

Larger commercial grade Portable Aircons may have more specialized electrical requirements. Please check the instruction manual for the guidelines that are developed for your specific model.

The amount of energy your air conditioner unit uses will depend upon the BTUs and the environment of the room.

Can a Portable AC cool more than one room?

Portable AC units do not circulate air beyond the immediate area, therefore they are not normally effective for cooling more than one room. In general, Portable Aircons are recommended for cooling a single room at a time.

How many hoses does the Portable Air conditioner have?

The GMCP07Y, GMCP10Y and GMCP12RLB are all single hose units.

A single hose portable airconditioner will have one hose that it used to vent the exhaust outside of the room that is being cooled. The unit removed warm air and moisture from the room and vents the warm air away through the exhaust hose. A slight amount of negative pressure is created using this type of Aircon unit due to the air that is released from the room and not replaced. This will be countered by air being drawn in from surrounding rooms.

Can I leave my screen in the window when I vent my Portable Airconditioner exhaust?

Usually window screens do not impede the installation of the exhaust hose using a window kit. The hose should not need to extend beyond the window, allowing your screen to stay in place and making installation easier.

Please check the installation instructions for your Portable Airconditioner and window kit for more detail on your specific model.

Is the GMC range of Portable Aircons Eco Friendly?

Here at GMC Aircon we believe in innovation and preservation, our products use the latest in eco friendly advancements such as R410a refrigerant.

R410A is the refrigerant that enables Portable Airconditioners to cool your home. It is often referred to by the brand name Puron, and is the replacement for R-22 Freon that has been outlawed in new air conditioning units.

R410A does not cause ozone depletion, as its forerunner R22 does, and it allows more efficient cooling. GMC Aircon is proud to offer this state-of-the-art refrigerant in each of our Airconditioning units.

I still need help!

If you need additional assistance with your air-conditioning questions or need help with your , please contact GMC Aircon today. Our professional technicians can help you with choosing the right Airconditioner for your situation, questions on installation, or any other trouble you may be having. Contact us through our website or call us at +27 (12) 661 – 1173.

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