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GMC Aircon – Evaporative Cooler AB18

Evaporative Cooler AB18
Evaporative cooling is a “full fresh-air” system, often referred to as “nature's sea breeze” because cooling is created by drawing outside, ambient air through vertical, water saturated, honeycomb pads. This cool, moist air is then distributed through the desired space. Ideal for large retail / commercial and factory areas.
Manufacturer: GMC
Model: AB18

Evaporative Cooler AB18 Features:

  • Hi Static Pressure.
  • Digital Wired Control.
  • Auto Restart at the Last Function Setting.
  • Cool, and Fan only modes.
  • Efficient Cooling.
  • 6 Fan Speeds.
  • 24 Hour Timing Programming.
  • Manual dump cycle (dumps old, dirty water).
  • Capacity: 900-18000m³/h.


Hi can you pleace email me the owners manuel for the following GMC Aircon – Evaporative Cooler AB18 My email adres is
Need an owners manual e1 code appear
    Hi Ernst. Please contact us through the above contact form and we'll be happy to assist. Thanks for choosing GMC Aircon

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